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Edisun To Launch New Alternative Rock Album Collision July 31; World-Wide Release via Universal Musi

It's been four years since the first Edisun record debuted via EMI sending two songs up the Active Rock radio charts, Medicate and Wide Awake. It's also 2o countries and 48 states later, thousands of miles driven and flown--many of them performing for the men and women of the American military. So it's somewhat hard to be mad at a band whose first tours were in Iraq and Afghanistan, flying show to show in a Blackhawk helicopter, and stagewear consisting of Kevlar helmets and body armor.

Fortunately, Edisun fans have shown themselves to be a loyal, die-hard and deeply connected bunch. Finally their patience is rewarded with not only a new album set to launch, but to a world-wide audience thanks to the band's new distributor Universal Music Group. The album is a 9 song record called Collision set for release Friday, July 31, 2015.

"It was important for us because over the past four years we built an amazing fan base who are literally spread around the entire world. We were getting letters from places like Japan asking why our music wasn't being sold in their country--fortunately Sony Electronics had been pre-loading a couple of our songs onto their Walkman Mp3 players - Silence and Ready to Believe-but no one could actually buy the songs, and that was frustrating to them and us. So it's taken us a while to get everything together, the record and our fantastic relationship with Universal--but now our music is going out to entire world," explains Ethan Isaac, the band's powerhouse lead vocalist, a Madison-WI native.

"We got to work with some incredible people on this record, Charley Drayton (Fiona Apple, Keith Richards, DeVinyls) and Claude Villani who really helped the band from day one. Kill Me With Your Kiss was mixed by the legendary Ron Saint Germain (Muse, 311, Soundgarden). There is my studio partner who is an incredible engineer, Kenny Cash (also part of the pop music group Che-Val) that shared the mixing with John Shyloski another amazing Grammy-nominated engineer we have the privledge of working with. We had an incredible team come together to make this record possible," says Isaac, now a resident of nearby Ridgefield, Ct. "Our whole crew at the Factory Underground (a Norwalk, Ct studio Ethan Isaac co-owns with partner Kenny Cash) really came together-we couldn't have done it without them."

For Edisun fans, Collision offers 8 new songs and 1 remix of Ready to Believe from their first, now out of print debut album. Collision, the title track is an anthemic rock number tipping an Edisun hat to the new generation and the freedom of youth. Solid rock singles Pins and Needles, Arcade, and Farewell seem destined for AAA radio, with the band revealing its deep alternative roots in songs like Ocean Waves and the dark ballad Vampires and Wolves.

"Its a really diverse record that I'm proud of making because it's not the revisit of Medicate and Wide Awake (Active Rock radio singles) from our first record that some people expected. It's a rootsy record with a lot of different levels and that mix of rock and alternative is what Edisun has always been about," says Joel Kelley, the band's lead guitarist originally from Pottsdam, NY.

Next up for the band will be a re-release and repackage of their newly reacquired debut, selt-titled album. Edisun fans will have to wait until later in the year for this, but in the mean time, Edisun decided to make all the songs from that record available to their fans through their website, www.

It's all about our fans and giving the people what they want," Ethan says. "The #EdisunFamily have stayed true and loyal to the band, and that has meant the world to us. We always say our fans are the heartbeat of the band. Without them, there is no us."

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