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.     On the early morning of September 11, 2001, walking through lower Manhattan, New York City, Ethan Isaac saw something unfold before his eyes that would alter the course of his life. He would later capture his experiences in a song called “Into the Sunlight.” The song found its way to the offices of Armed Forces Entertainment, and so began a mission for Ethan and his band that continues to this day: bring music and fun to an audience of some of the most die-hard music fans Ethan has met; the soldiers of the US millitary.


     To date, Edisun has performed for US troops in over 20 countries, including tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, among many other places around the world where no band would typically choose to play.  For Ethan Isaac, who never forgot his experience of fighting through the soot, smoke, and ash to escape Manhattan on the morning of 9-11, perhaps all of this was inevitable. The band's efforts to boost troop morale have garnered media attention world-wide, with Edisun's story being featured on ABC World News Tonight, and in a wide array of publications including The Wall Street Journal, New York Post and Rolling Stone Magazine.  


     They released their first self-titled full-length studio album in 2010, breaking through the noise of active-rock radio with their melodic rock songs “Medicate” and “Wide Awake."  SInce then, they've produced several more videos, driven thousands of miles across 48 of the United States and flown on tours across Asia, Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic States, and the Middle East.  They've done media interviews by Rolling Stone Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and ABC World News Tonight and participated in charity drives to raise awareness and money for pediatric cancer, ALS research, human rights and veterans causes. In 2010 their song “Ready to Believe” was picked up by ESPN for use during various sports shows and championship games, and also caught the ear of US Olympic athlete Kelly Gunther, Sony Electronics, and nationally syndicated NBC sports host Dan Patrick, and the US Army.  


     Continuing to chart their own unique course in an ever-evolving music career, Edisun released their second album Collision on July 31, 2015. With worldwide distribution by ILS/Universal Music Canada/Caroline Music, Edisun released the new 9 song album on Factory Underground Records. This diverse album reveals the band's deep alternative roots, yet retains the active rock sound that attracted Edisun fans at the start. Dark acoustic textures round out the album marked by soaring vocals, introspective lyrics, and tightly knit, progressive arrangements. Produced by Claude Villani and Charley Drayton, with mixing by Kenny Cash, John Shyloski and Ron Saint Germain, Collision was recorded at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, Ct.


     With "Pins and Needles" spinning in the Top 40 of the Under the Radar chart and breaking organically at Mediabase Active Rock stations across the US, the album’s diverse colors have put it into heavy rotation on 50+ college and Triple A stations nationally--all of this marking Edisun’s growth as a band from where it started purely in the Active Rock market. The evolution of the group continues with multi-media projects, appearances on reality television shows, and constantly evolving music video content.  Never forsaking its roots as a touring band, Edisun continues to travel across the US and around the world to play for military and non-military fans alike.  True to form and in keeping with their unique history, Edisun's next show will be on Veteran's Day weekend, when they take the stage to perform for US troops stationed in Southwest Asia.  

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