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Pins and Needles Video on VEVO

Label: Factory Underground Records (203) 275-8672


Edisun Management: Marc Alan (917)  275-6757

Press: Shauna O'Donnell - O'Donnell Media

Licensing: Jon Delange

College Radio Promotion: Brandon Day

Agency: Three Thirteen Entertainment Group

FOH/Tour Manager: Dan Monaghan





      On the early morning of September 11, 2001, walking through lower Manhattan, New York City, Ethan Isaac saw something unfold before his eyes that would alter the course of his life. He would later capture his experiences in a song called “Into the Sunlight.” The song found its way to the offices of Armed Forces Entertainment, and so began a mission for Ethan and his band that continues to the day: bringing music and fun to an audience of some of the most die-hard music fans Ethan has met, soldiers of the US millitary.


     In 2016, the mission continues- the band perfomed for the troops in the Middle East over July 4th at an "undisclosed desert location"-- and are lined up for their third trip to Afghanistan this fall. To date, Edisun has performed for US troops in 25 countries, including two tours in Iraq, Afgahnistan, Kuwait, even Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. "The experience changed all our lives-- and it's part of why we are making music to this day," says Ethan. For the young man who never forget his experience of fighting through the soot, smoke, and ash to escape Manhattan on the morning of 9-11, perhaps all of this was inevitable. 


     Now in 2016, after releasing their self-titled debut, breaking through the noise of active-rock radio with their melodic rock songs “Medicate” and “Wide Awake,” producing several videos; thousands of miles driven across 48 of the United States and flown on tours across Asia, Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic States, and the Middle East; media interviews by Rolling Stone Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and ABC World News Tonight; charity drives to raise awareness and money for pediatric cancer, ALS research, and veterans causes; their song “Ready to Believe” being used by ESPN, US Olympic athlete Kelly Gunther, Sony Electronics, nationally syndicated NBC sports show Dan Patrick, and the US Army--here are the members of Edisun still doing what they love most: pouring their heart and passion into their music, and trying to change the world.


     Continuing to chart their own unique course in an ever-evolving music career, Edisun released their second album "Collision" on July 31, 2015. With worldwide distribution by ILS/Universal Music Canada/Caroline Music, Edisun released the new 9 song album on Factory Underground Records. This diverse album reveals the band's deep alternative roots, yet retains the active rock sound that attracted Edisun fans at the start. Dark acoustic textures round out the album marked by soaring vocals, introspective lyrics, and tightly knit, progressive arrangements. The album which was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, Ct, was recently lisenced by thirteen televion shows and networks including Discovery Channel, Fox News, and Nascar.


     With Pins and Needles spinning in the Top 40 of the Under the Radar chart and breaking organically at Mediabase Active-Rock stations across the US, the album’s diverse colors have put it into heavy rotation on 50+ college and Triple A stations nationally--79 college and Triple A stations - charting on college radioin at #208 nationally - all of this marking Edisun’s growth as a band from where it started purely in the Active-Rock market. The evolution of the group continues with multi-media projects, appearances on reality television shows, self-producing a music video for Pins and Needles, and planning the next one for Arcade.


     Never forsaking its roots as a touring band, Edisun has been touring regionally in the United States, while preparing to tour Japan, Italy, and France in late 2016. True to form, in line with their unique history, Edisun flew to perform for US troops in Jordan  on New Years Eve 2016, performed at US Naval base Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean last July 4. 



     Edisun, Celebrating the American Spirit of Invention and Alternative Rock Music. Giving their fans everything they have.


Pins and Needles (Radio Mix) - Edisun
Vampires and Wolves - Edisun
Arcade - Edisun
Kill Me With Your Kiss - Edisun

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